Local kick off Meeting for the ongoing operations of the MMN

CARDET, the coordinator of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN), recently received additional support to continue the operations of the MMN.

The MMN has currently more than 180 members and has been active in the past years in advocacy and lobbying in the areas of policy development for migration and integration at national and European level. The network is supported by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, and the European Integration Fund for Third Country Nationals.

In the framework of the Network’s activities, CARDET organised a kick off meeting on Wednesday, 5th February 2014, with the participation of a number of government officials and NGO representatives in order to establish the development framework of the Network, elaborate on the needs and good practices, discuss the current trends on migration and decide on role defining of specific target groups.

Participants discussed the migration policy framework gaps with particular emphasis on the inconsistency between legislation and implementation, especially regarding migrants’ Human Rights (HR). Also, there is a lack of collaboration and communication between public services and other institutions, which limits the efficiency on dealing with migration challenges. In this context, participants suggested that the network should elaborate on the common characteristics on migration with other Mediterranean countries in order to have common goals and enhance cooperation between organizations and public authorities, and to have as a general thematic focus the Human Rights of Migrants.

The meeting attended representatives of Solidarity Funds, University of Nicosia, Open University, the NGO KISA, Municipality of Agios Dometios, CARDET and INNOVADE.