The general objectives of INTO project are the following:

(I) Apply in Italy, Spain, UK, Cyprus and Poland the Intercultural Mentor Profile, an empowered peer education model of stimulating young people sense of initiative and motivating students with migrant backgrounds to fulfill their educational potential;

(II) Develop, test and implement training and didactic materials aimed at innovating schools education system through an intercultural mentoring programme based on the centrality of young people, especially immigrants;

(III) Implement five pilot training courses for secondary school teachers in order to promote their professional development and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning in multicultural contexts, enhancing the inclusion of pupils with a migrant background.

This project brings together key experts from the fields of education, civil society and research institutions to review best practices and achievements of peer education in this field, as well as to enable dissemination of learning from this process through the development of an in-service training course for teachers, and of a resource pack with a curriculum modules for use with young people in schools.

The project aims to become an educational test to build interdependence between the field of intercultural education and active citizenship ensuring real opportunities for educational achievement and socio-cultural integration of foreign pupils in secondary schools.