Strategic Partnership in Adult Migrant Education: Perspectives from Mediterranean and Baltic Sea Regions (MEDBALT)

Migration has been increasing dramatically over the last decades. People usually are forced to migrate hoping to find a better quality of life or opportunities. The issue though is whether the host country has an effective migration policy for integration that addresses to their needs.

European Municipalities Network Press Release

Migration is an everlasting global phenomenon that carries a combination of challenges and opportunities for the host societies. In contemporary European societies, the management of migration, the promotion of migrants’ integration and the migrants’ productive participation in the local economy, constitute the primary objectives of Local Authorities’ policies and services.

AVR Cyprus

CARDET in collaboration with the University of Nicosia and Caritas International are implementing the Action “ Establishment of Migrant Information Centre for Assisted Voluntary Returns – AVR Cyprus ” co-funded by the European Return Fund and the Cyprus Government. The aim of this Action is to provide information, psychosocial support and financial assistance for Third Country Nationals who wish to return to their country of origin.

Intercultural Mentoring Program

Intercultural Mentoring Program is an innovate 5-day training course for teachers and educators interested in reducing early school leaving, in improving students learning with a migrant background, in promoting gender equality by using inclusive approaches in a multicultural educational context.The Intercultural Mentoring Program model has been designed by Oxfam Italia thanks to long experiences on the educational field within Italian secondary schools.