INTO 4th Newsletter

This is the fourth newsletter for the INTO project. On Monday the 19th October the project's international conference was held at ISIS "B.Varchi", viale Matteotti in Montevarchi, Italy.

INTO 3rd Newsletter

Peer education usually involves people from similar backgrounds who teach and support each other. In addition to that peer education helps people to share their experience and knowledge. In this line INTO project tries through a peer mentoring programme to promote strategies and methods that help students with a migrant background who are at risk of early school leaving to maintain their motivation.

Changes in government and far-right emergence: hard times for integration policies

According to the new Integration Policies: Who Benefits? (MIPEX 2015), a project led by the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) and theMigration Policy Group (MPG), and CARDET is a partner, several countries have lost positions due to restrictions and cuts...

Intercultural Mentoring tools to support migrant integration at school (INTO) Implementation of Intercultural Mentoring Programme in Cyprus

In the framework of the INTO project CARDET implemented the intercultural mentoring programme in Cypriot schools. For the purpose of the piloting, 15 teachers and 8 students were engaged by our organisation. During the programme each student – mentor was responsible to support and guide his mentee as well as to keep notes in his diary.